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This is a wonderful new way to rent DVDs. They all have the same way of operating:

  • have a set number of DVDs per month
  • keep them as long as you want
  • return them to get new ones
  • no delivery or mail charges

The downside... you have to create a list of the ones you want, and you never know which one will come next.

I have tested the ones with free trials, and they all performed well. Another site has reviewed them all.

  • BigpondMovies - no longer deliver in the real world - online delivery onl
  • QuickFlix -from $22.99/mo. (2 DVDs at a time),2 week free trial
  • EzyFlix from $5.95/mo. (1 DVD at a time, 2 per month), very cheap!
  • HomeScreen (Hoyts) - has merged with QuickFlix
  • DVD Jam - from $17.95/mo. (1 DVD)


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