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 Aussie CD Search 

 Sanity Australia 

Sanity merged with HMV - they have an excellent online service

 Subscription Music 

This is the future, and it is already easy to use and affordable. Unless you use a VPN or something that disguises your location, you need to use a service that serves Australia, like these:

  • Rdio - I happily use this product - free and heaps of tunes
  • Spotify - and this one as well, both excellent!
  • Songl - in beta at present
  • MOG (Bigpond/Telstra) - I used to use this, but even with NBN I couldn't get it to stream without regular hiccups. But if you use BigPond, the bandwidth is un-metered
  • Deezer - listen to 20 million tracks for free
  • Rara - 15 million tracks, 99c per month
  • JB Hi-Fi Now - 9 million songs, $7 per month, free trial

You'll pay roughly $10 per month. They can eat up bandwidth, so it makes a huge difference if they have a no traffic charges deal with your ISP - like MOG / Telstra

 Chaos Music 

ChaosMusic - with a catalogue of more than 600,000 titles, and a great interface
  • Delivery on all In Stock items in one department, when the total purchase for that department is $150 or more, is FREE

 GEMM for rarities 

GEMM is the best place to find hard-to-get or rare recordings
(Not an Australian site)

 More resources  

  • Try eBay, where Aussie folk auction their CDs and records
  • JB Hi-Fi - they now sell their products online
  • - search 250,000 rare CDs and vinyl records (UK site)
  • Dixons - 5 secondhand stores in Melbourne - search online
  • CD Online - in business for more than a decade, 150,000 CD albums available. Australian.
  • Aria Charts - includes singles, albums & downloads.

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