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 Aussie People Search 

 White Pages Australia 

White Pages Australia - it is very good, has maps, and is the biggest Australian people finding database by far. If the surname is rare, just call up any of the resulting numbers, and ask if they know the person you are seeking - there's a good chance they are a relative.

 Electoral Roll  

You can look it up in person at your local AEC office. Click on your state for addresses:

It is not available online.

 Reverse Phone Search 

There is no free way of finding who owns a phone number. However, there is was one piece of software that can!

I have a 2004 copy (the last they ever made), so if you use the form at the bottom of this page (and say please), I'll run a search on a landline number for you. It doesn't have unlisted numbers (aka silent numbers), or mobile numbers (they start with 04). The CD-ROM is quite rare, sometimes selling on eBay for $100+

  • Paid Reverse Phones Australia - good service with current data, $1.50 per search, much cheaper in bulk
  • OzPeopleTrace can reverse search australian numbers, incl mobiles. $220 per search. Contact them to discuss the viability of their service to meet your needs.
  • More info on reverse searching in Australia
TIP: If you are being pestered by marketers, register your number at the Do Not Call Register (run by the Aussie government)

 Private Investigators 

 Old School Friends 

 Google etc 

They might have their name on a website, either personal, education or work-related. Search for them using local Seach Engines and these types of search queries.

"joe bloggs"
"j bloggs"
"joe * bloggs"
"j * bloggs"
"bloggs, joe"
"bloggs, j"

 More resources  

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