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A paid survey is a variety of online statistical survey where the participant receives rewards via an incentive program. Paid surveys collect quantitative information about the participant’s personal and economic habits. Sometimes marketing firms use them to test new advertisements. Generally the participant receives a cash reward or entry into a sweepstakes.

 Earn Cash 

These are all Australian sites:
  • Rewards Central - earn cash by completing surveys, or by shopping with their merchant partners. This is the biggest Aussie site, with over 500,000 members!
  • PureProfile - my favourite. Good cash for your time. Professionally run.
  • What Do You Think? - earn rewards for taking surveys by email. Australian site
  • Your Voice - part of AC Neilsen. My other favourite - pays very well.
  • FieldForce - focus groups at various locations - ie you go to their offices
  • Valued Opinions - typically paying between $2 and $5 for each online survey you complete. When your balance reaches $10 or more you will be able to select your reward from a choice of stores including HMV, dStore, Dymocks, Coles & Myer.
  • Opinions Paid - earn Zoints, spend them at the Zoints Shop
  • Aussie Think - earn points to redeem for prizes, plus prize draws

These are all foreign sites, but open to Aussies:

Legitimate paid surveys exist so that, in order to remain competitive in their given markets, companies need to better understand their consumers' perception of products. Surveys that are legitimate require the surveyee to provide personal demographical info (age, city, sex, number of children, occupation etc) so that resulting data will more apply more accurately to the target audience of the marketing firm.

Because marketing companies wish to understand consumer perceptions in-depth, taking up the particpant's valuable time, they offer incentives to survey participants.

How to avoid survey scams

Do some research into the company. Look for contact details on their site, and look up their name with your favourite search engine. The last thing you want is for them to close up before honouring any rewards.

A participant will never have to pay for a legitimate paid survey. A common method of paid survey scam is requiring you to pay up front in order to access an online listing of paid survey offers. The listings in this case are often out of date, inaccurate, or available for free elsewhere.

Look for demographic requirements at the start of surveys. Legitimate surveys are targeted to specific demographics and usually ask the participant to complete a short pre-survey in order to make sure that they fall into the desired demographic.

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